Kristoffer Berg article "Can investment tax reform boost economic growth?" published by Economics Observatory

14 May 2024

Kate Smith presents her paper "It’s all about the base: Taxing business owner-managers" as part of the CBT research seminar series. 

13 May 2024

Julie Brun Bjørkheim presents her paper "Global Capital, Local Impact: Firm Effects of National and International Investment" at the CBT seminar

7 May 2024

Wouter Leenders presents his paper "Avoiding Evasion: Effects of the Automatic Exchange of Information" at the CBT lunch seminar

30 April 2024

Arun Advani presents his paper "Top Flight: How responsive are top earners to tax rates?" as part of the CBT research seminar series.

29 April 2024

Marika Viertola presents her paper "Transfer (mis)pricing of multinational enterprises: evidence from Finland" at the CBT lunch seminar

24 April 2024

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