Ben Lockwood presents his paper "Tax and Occupancy of Business Properties: Theory and Evidence from UK Business Rates" as part of the CBT research seminar series.

12 June 2024

Usama Jamal presents his paper "Tackling Corporate Tax Avoidance: Evidence from Earnings Stripping Rules" at the CBT lunch seminar. 

10 June 2024

Kristoffer Berg presents his paper "Does a Wealth Tax Improve Equality of Opportunity" at a workshop hosted by the University of St.Gallen. 

7 June 2024

Jawad Shah presents his paper "No VAT for the Taxman: The case of unbiased estimates and tax recycling under informality" at the CBT lunch seminar.

3 June 2024

Kristoffer Berg presents his paper "Taxing Corporate or Shareholder Income" at Skatteforsk - Centre for Tax Research at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences 

16 May 2024


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